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Magnum Bikes + Campus Store

E-Bikes are now available through the Univerisity Campus Store!

Magnum Bikes is an up-and-coming e-bike retailer headquartered in Salt Lake City. They originally reached out to our Office of Sustainability to see how they could get involved with our active transportation initiatives. Through that connection, we were able to work with them not only on sustainability, but we're able to create an employee and student purchasing program, build-out onsite activations that included bike demos, and plug into the campus store to create a display where consumers could purchase their product. We continue to have an open dialog with Magnum and find opportunities like the Clear the Air Challenge and Bike Month to promote them and our partnership.

Retail Presence


We worked with Magnum and the Campus store to secure a display for their bikes. This display is highly visible to everyone who visits the store, including the massive amount of fans who visit on game days. In the past, we have worked with partners to create custom retail kiosks complete with video and audio displays.

Purchasing Program


Magnum's ultimate goal of their partnership with us is to sell more bikes. To this end, we were able to create an employee purchasing program and offer a slight discount on their product for our community. In addition to a discount offered to students, faculty, and staff, employees can purchase a bike using payroll deduction.

On-site Activation


In addition to the in-store display, Magnum comes to campus and offers demos of their product. These demo events are promoted by campus departments and give our community the chance to interact with the product and company firsthand. Other on-site activations have included pop-up shops, simple tabling, and scavenger hunts.

Your Products, Our Audience


Get your product in front of an engaged audience.

Our partnership with Magnum Bikes shows that we are able to create partnerships that are completely tailored to your goals. A partnership with the university provides an opportunity for your business to get in front of a historically hard-to-reach demographic. The University Partnership Program has been developed to further the educational mission of the university and support the on-campus experience of the nearly 70,000 students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus every day.

We are as invested in our partnerships as you are and have built our team to prove that. As a partner of the university, you can expect world-class service, and our team diligently working to ensure you realize the full value of your investment.


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